The truth is…

I’ve spent a lot of time on and off social media. At this point it is a place I go to share, a little and mostly ignore the spectacle we are seeing unfolding before us. The traps have been laid out and I continue to watch as dedicated people unwittingly fall right into them.

I don’t quote much scripture these days as I see it doesn’t soothe the way that it should, as it has often been twisted or used to suit people’s personal agendas. But one I will quote at this time is represented time and time again in the faces and hearts of many; “a house divided amongst itself cannot stand.”

We continue to take the bait over and over. We have fought one another nearly since the dawn of time. We continue to fight. Whether it’s over religion; belief, race, gender, politics or even what we eat. The truth is, you’re wrong and you are right. It doesn’t matter if you are educated and have a degree. It doesn’t matter if you have a book that has been around for centuries to support your stance. It doesn’t matter if your political muse says and does all the right things- in your eyes.

Drop the prejudices and move on. Stop judging someone else’s journey and mind your own. Don’t shame someone for their religious beliefs and you don’t have to “try and save” them either. Besides, setting out to “love on” someone in order to “save” them isn’t love anyway- it has an agenda. And are we still seriously judging people because of the color of their skin!?!? If you or they get cut, guess what color comes out? And gender… wow. As a woman I consider the judgement of women to be just archaic. Women are no less in society than men, we are equal. Blindness is the only cause to see any other way.

What are we fighting for? Power. It’s always about power. It’s persuading another to see your view and adhere to it. What do you gain? You won. That’s it. You have the satisfaction of winning and along with it, all the chemicals that are released in your body, those feel good chemicals that signify, I feel good right now. I feel accomplished.

Your winning cost; shame, life, land, possessions, a reputation blackened, extinguishing a larger world view, open mindedness, love, peace, joy, partnership, individuality, virtue, sense of self, self esteem.

Whatever it is that drives you to fight or agrue with anyone, is YOUR problem. Not theirs. No matter how right you think you are or no matter what evidences you can present.

I’ve watched this spectacle unfold. It’s been a genuine circus. It’s China. It’s Bill Gates. It’s 5G. It’s Trump. It’s leaked from a lab. It’s chemical warfare. It’s depopulating the planet. And then we argue with each other about it. Because apparantly we all have the answers, right? You’re just a parrot that is relaying the last thing your read or watched. That’s all you have become. Oh man, how easy it has become to brainwash and manipulate the masses! Hook, line and sinker. And this is just some small snapshot of a current topic. Let’s not forget it’s election year too, gotta go divide families and friend circles over who someone else is voting for! Hey, I’ve been unfriended and blocked by family. Because of politics! If we break so easily over parrot’ed information, is it any wonder we crack when we do have a massive event like this?

The truth is found within love. That really, truly is it. The pandemic we are facing is likened to our virus mentality and virus behavior. Love is everything. Love is in the song and sound of nature. Love is in the coo of a soothed baby. Love is in a thoughtful meal prepared for family. If we can’t manage to not judge and just leave people on the path of their choosing and love them beyond their skin color or gender, then what do we have?

I will take being scorned for loving too much over being a judgement, virus mentality human. Loving is living! Without love, you have no life in you.

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